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The Best Flooring for Resale Value in 2019

Hardwood Flooring

When you live in a home day after day, it’s easy for floor scratches, dents and stains to go unnoticed.

But the same can’t be said when the time comes to sell your home! From soiled carpets and mismatched rooms to scratched hardwood, ill-suited flooring can drastically affect your home’s resale value.

To help you choose the best flooring for resale value in 2019, here’s what to keep in mind.

Install Hardwood Flooring

For the highest Return on Investment (ROI), hardwood flooring continues to be the preferred flooring choice. Although installing hardwood costs more than most of its flooring counterparts, it’s a classic, timeless option that helps your home sell faster. Known for its durability and low maintenance requirements, a properly maintained hardwood floor can outlast many other flooring options.

Already have hardwood flooring? The ability to refinish hardwood provides a relatively inexpensive way to increase your home’s value. In fact, homeowners can expect to reap 100% of the costs associated with refinishing hardwood floors when they sell their home.

Get Rid of Those Old Carpets

The majority of home buyers prefer hardwood floors. Easier to keep clean and better at fighting allergens than carpet, hardwood also comes with a longer lifetime. When properly maintained, a hardwood floor can last a lifetime compared to an average of 15 years for carpets.

There is one exception to the no-carpet rule: it’s okay in the bedrooms (if in good condition). Getting out of bed each morning onto a soft, warm, clean carpet remains appealing to many home buyers!

Consider Your Home’s Overall Aesthetics

Just like flooring types, every room in your home serves a different purpose.

For example, certain areas that handle heavy foot traffic may be best suited for ceramic tile versus a solid hardwood, which could scratch. High moisture areas (such as in basements) are ill-suited for hardwood, which could become warped.

Your floors should be viewed as a blank canvas in your overall home interior’s design, so choose suitable materials that set the right tone. Keep your flooring choices as consistent as possible, avoiding the use of multiple types and/or colours of flooring – especially in highly-visible transition areas. Doing so can disrupt the flow throughout the home and detract from its aesthetic appeal.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re planning on selling in the near future or simply want to build equity, the flooring used throughout your home is important.

Let us help you choose the best flooring options to increase your home’s resale value in 2019! Contact our Greater Toronto Area flooring store today for more details.

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