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5 Vinyl Styles to Bring Your Home’s Living Room to Life

Whether you’re hosting parties, unwinding after a long day or enjoying game night with your family, the living room is the most used space in your home after the kitchen. An active room with heavy foot traffic demands a low maintenance floor that is both durable and stunning.

When you think about durability, laminate floors and tiles come to mind. And that's true! We previously wrote an article covering 5 reasons why you should install laminate flooring with the biggest advantage being it's resiliency to scratches and stains.

However, we want to highlight an increasingly popular flooring option that is taking over homes across the country. Vinyl flooring provides many of the benefits found in laminate types in addition to being waterproof and UV resistant. This makes it a great option for families with kids and living rooms that receive direct sunlight.

Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, vinyl floors can compliment well with the decor of your living room. In fact, many realistic styles achieve the same look as hardwood floors and tiles, without the higher costs associated with them.

Interested in seeing some examples? Here are 5 living rooms that come to life with stunning vinyl flooring.

1. Riverside Oak

Vinyl Floor - Riverside Oak

The first vinyl floor featured is part of Green Touch’s premium collection. With a thicker WPC vinyl type, this floor gives a luxurious look to this living room.

2. Stone Fortress

Vinyl Floor - Stone Fortress

This vinyl plank floor comes from a company called Twelve Oaks. As part of their Surewood Plus collection, the stone colour adds a nice contrast to the living space.

3. Flint Oak

Vinyl Floor - Flint Oak

Showcasing another Oak finish from Green Touch, this floor comes from their original collection created with the Valinge 2G locking system for ease of installation.

4. Whirlwind

Vinyl Floor - Whirlwind

With a high colour variation, this versatile vinyl floor is made with virgin-poly materials that are 100% environmentally sustainable and recyclable.

5. Sand Dance

Vinyl Floor - Sand Dance

Switching it up to Twelve Oak's Solidcore collection, this vibrant floor adds warmth and texture to the living space, creating that perfect beach house feel.

Vinyl Flooring For Your Living Space

The living room is where you establish your signature style. Whether it's modern & trendy or a more traditional look, vinyl flooring can compliment a variety of styles in your home.

If you're thinking about giving your living room a new look, we can help you choose the right vinyl flooring options for your home. Book a visit at our flooring store today for more information!

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