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Hardwood Floor Removal in 3 Easy Steps

Hardwood Floor

Have your hardwood floors become damaged by pets and furniture? Have they been refinished one too many times? Or are you simply wanting a fresh look throughout your home? Whatever may be the reason, there will eventually come a time that you need to remove your home’s hardwood flooring. When that happens, here’s how to do it as seamlessly as possible.

Step #1: Get Ready

Like any other home renovation project, you should check that you have the proper supplies on hand before beginning. That way, you can avoid any unnecessary, time-consuming trips to your local hardware store.

We recommend that you get the following tools: painter’s tool or box cutter, trim puller, pry bar, hammer, locking pliers and a circular saw with a carbide blade.

Keep yourself safe while removing your hardwood floors by wearing protective gloves, knee pads, hearing protection, safety glasses and a dust mask.

Step #2: Remove the Baseboards

If removed cautiously, you should be able to salvage your baseboards and re-use them with your new flooring.

To separate the baseboard from the wall, any old paint, caulk or drywall paper will need to be scored first using your painter’s tool or box cutter. Then, carefully separate the baseboard from the wall using your trim puller. To do so, gently hammer the trim puller down behind the baseboard before pulling it up. Continue moving the trim puller across the baseboards every ten inches and repeating the process.

For especially tricky areas, use a pry bar.

Step #3: Remove Hardwood Flooring

Position your pry bar underneath the floorboard near a nail before lifting the bar. Once the board detaches, remove the pry bar and move it to the next nail. Continue doing so until the entire length of the board has been loosened.

Having difficulties with inserting a pry bar under the tongue to remove the hardwood flooring? Plunge-cut between two boards using a circular saw equipped with a carbide blade.

If you plan on reusing your baseboards, we suggest you label both the baseboard and the wall for easier installation.

Need Help with the Removal of Your Hardwood Flooring?

Known for its durability and lasting beauty, hardwood flooring consistently remains a popular flooring option for homeowners.

If you need any help with removing your hardwood flooring, consult with our flooring expert team at our Greater Toronto Area flooring store.

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