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Flooring Installation Services

BBS Flooring will offer the best deals on Hardwood Installation

Hardwood Installation
Starting from $2.25/Sqft

Engineered Hardwood Installation.jpg

Engineered Hardwood Installation
Starting from $2.25/Sqft
(Gluedown method - $3.25/Sqft)

Get best and great quality laminate installation services with BBS Flooring

Laminate Installation
Starting from $2.00/Sqft

Vinyl Installation.jpg

Vinyl Installation
Starting from $2.00/Sqft

Stairs Installation
Price varies based on your Stairs

Book an in-house Measurement

Tiles Installation
Starting from $9.50/Sqft

BBS Flooring can help ith your Hardwood Removal job

Hardwood Removal
Starting from $1.50/Sqft

Get the best rates for Laminate Removal services with BBS Flooring
Get the best Carpet Removal Service with BBS Flooring

Carpet Removal 
Starting from $1.00/Sqft

Laminate Removal
Starting from $1.50/Sqft

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